Avacare Australia

Avacare Australia is a rapidly growing global speciality company based in Perth, focusing on the distribution and supply of pharmaceutical, medical devices, disposables, equipment, and nutraceuticals. Now that the demand is higher than ever, Avacare Australia ensures fast and efficient supply and distribution of high-quality PPE.


  • We genuinely believe in providing quality of highest level.
  • Our active participation in the health and wellbeing of people means we make zero compromises in the quality of our products and services.
  • Due to our association with Avacare, a group with countless years of experience across many regions, we are able to source reliable and trustworthy medical supplies.
  • We continue looking for ways to expand our horizons into new, untapped markets around the world.
  • Our underlying philosophy is obtaining the right products to the right customer, in the quickest possible time.


Avacare Australia is part of the Avacare Health Group.

25 Years experience

Our 25 years of medical industry experience, offering modern health care at an affordable price and our cross-border reach makes Avacare Australia an international leader in the procurement, distribution and manufacturing of medical and surgical consumables.

Long-Term Relationships

This experience allows us to foster long-term mutually beneficial relationships with our customers, business partners, suppliers and employees. The strong relationship developed with our people has seen us grow in a way that has and will continue to make our company strong from the inside, out.

Our Management Team

Our dynamic team of qualified professionals is led by management made up of individuals with a host of strategic, financial, and operational expertise. The management has, altogether over 30 years of experience coupled with long-established relationships with key industry partners.

Dr. Vikramkumar

CEO & Founder

Dr. Naik, an anesthesiologist who started his career in the coalface of African hospitals, created a strategic vision which has led to the success and growth of our Group. His vision began with the realisation that Africa required better quality affordable medication and supplies and dedicated his life to ensure the fulfilment of this objective.

His extraordinary personal leadership approach has brought, and still brings, people together. It is through our visionary leaders that today, we as a Group, are able to implement ideas into results, translate dreams into reality and transform challenges into successes, not only with one company or country but across the African continent.


Director & Chief Operating Officer

Navraj Singh has 17 years experience in operating Businesses in Australia and NZ and has held various leadership roles . In his Role as Director and Chief Operating Officer for Avacare Australia, he will be focused on launching various portfolios of products for Australian and NZ market. Graduated from Massey University in New Zealand, he lives with his wife and kids in Perth Australia.

His business interest includes in start up businesses and real estate developments. With Covid-19 pandemic, he assisted the avacare group with Supplies of Quality PPE to South Africa and Australia through his existing relationships with multinational clients.

Navraj's focus for Australia is to provide quality medical and PPE products for Australian market . With the supply chain issues which we faced during this pandemic he is working towards establishing some of the manufacturing of medical and PPE in Australia.


Group Head of Risk and Compliance

In this pivotal role, Ravneet is actively involved in strengthening compliance framework and overseeing risk mitigation strategies across the Avacare Australia and the rest of the Avacare Health Group. Furthermore, he is responsible for ensuring an effective internal compliance function is in place and ensure that the Group’s chosen risk management framework is being fully implemented in all areas.

Ravneet has over 16 years of experience in the area of Tax Compliance and Risk Management. He has been awarded key tax achiever award in his previous role with Ernest and Young.