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Avacare AU provides RAT Kits to WA Community

Avacare Health Australia announces it is providing Rapid COVID-19 Antigen Tests (RAT) kits with Analysers to the Western Australian community


Perth-based Avacare Health Australia – a high-quality medical supply company – can now supply Point of Care (POC) Rapid COVID-19 Antigen Tests (RATs) to Western Australian medical professionals and large corporations.

Avacare Health Australia has sourced the kits from South Korean manufacturers RapiGEN Inc and PCL. The PCL kits are sold with an analyser, and both products need to be administered by a healthcare professional.

Avacare Health Australia Director Raj Singh said: “Avacare is a medical supply company with decades of global experience in providing high-quality products for a range of goods. We are delighted to be able to source these superior quality Point of Care RATs and analysers and provide them to the Western Australian community. Rapid COVID-19 Antigen Tests are a crucial, practical part of safely living all around the world now.”

“Avacare, established in 1996, has consistently provided high-quality and reliable products for decades,” Mr Singh said. “Consumers can be assured of the company’s longstanding professionalism.”

The easy-to-use Point of Care (POC) Rapid COVID-19 Antigen Tests, have been TGA approved, have a high degree of sensitivity, and are expected to be mostly purchased by medical professionals, the Mining Industry, and large corporations. The RapiGEN Inc (of South Korea), countries. In 2020, BIOCREDIT COVID-19 Ag tests are manufactured by a global leader in the supply of such technology. BIOCREDIT COVID-19 Ag tests are currently supplied to 51 RapiGEN Inc manufactured 200,000 tests each day to meet world demand and, in the 2021 year to date period, the company supplied 500,000 tests each day globally. The professional use as described by the TGA.

The key features of the RapiGEN BIOCREDIT COVID-19 Ag tests are:

  • 93.05% sensitivity and 99.05% specificity
  • Detecting multiple COVID-19 virus variants, including Delta (B.1.617), Alpha (B.1.1.7), Beta (B.1.351),Epsilon (B.1.429), Gamma (P.1), Indian Variant (b=B.1.618), and Omicron (B.1.1.529). Both positive andnegative results are easy to interpret
  • Result in 10-15 minutes
  • TGA approved

PCL Tests with Analyser

  • 94.29% sensitivity and 100.00% specificity
  • Delivery of the result in 10 minutes
  • The analyser can read up to 180 sample an hour or more in quick mode.
  • Has a Limit of Detection (LOD) 0.1 ng/ml (r-N protein) / 1000 PFU (Active Virus)
  • The PCL product, with an analyser, is being used right now at Waikiki Hospital.
  • Convenient test as everything required is in the kit
  • TGA approved
  • Since this analyzer can be connected to LIS/HIS, all the data can be recorded & exported accordingly.
  • Suitable for private hospitals as it can track patient data, with links to laboratory databases.

Avacare also supplies a wide variety of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including high-quality masks and eyewear. Companies and individuals can source a high-quality supply of kits, including sanitiser and medical-grade masks, for quarantine stays.

Avacare’s Point of Care (POC) Rapid COVID-19 Antigen Tests are not available to be purchased by, or supplied to, the general public. The product can be supplied to medical practitioners, pharmacies, healthcare professionals in residential and aged care facilities, accredited pathology laboratories, and federal, state and territory health departments. The tests take 10 minutes. After doing a nasal swab, there is a 10 minute incubation period. A health professional will always be needed to ensure accuracy.

Avacare Health Australia – a private Australian company which began trading in 2020 – is a subsidiary of the Avacare Health Group. The group is headquartered in Mauritius and also manages a large operational office in South Africa. It manufactures a range of disposables, pharmaceuticals, devices and consumer health products. Avacare services and products are known for their high quality and, generally, the prices of the goods compare favourably to similar brands currently more well known in the Australian medical marketplace.

The RapiGEN and PCL Point of Care (POC) Rapid COVID-19 Antigen Tests, which have just been TGA approved in Australia, are currently also available in more than 19 countries, including Qatar, Italy, Germany and Switzerland.

Avacare Global’s subsidiary Afrigen Biologics Pty Ltd, is also producing mRNA vaccines in Cape Town.

See full media release here.