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Medical Consumables.

Proven, high-quality products from the world’s leading brands.

Better quality, value and patient outcomes every day.

Whether we’re sourcing medical products from brands like Demetech and Honeywell or manufacturing and distributing our own, we’re committed to providing the range and peace of mind you need at a price you’ll love.

What’s more, we have them in stock here in Australia, ready for same-day dispatch or delivery. That’s why we have clients nationwide, from leading hospitals and surgeries to GP practices and aged care facilities.

Surgical Sutures

Description: Made in the USA and TGA-approved.

Range: Absorbable (synthetic and natural materials) and non-absorbable sutures, with monofilament and coated multifilament thread types (various colours and lengths available). DemeBlack needles crafted from aerospace steel – choose from various lengths, shapes, curvatures and tips.

Brands: Demetech.

Gastrointestinal Consumables

Description: We stock Vitramed’s tried, tested and TGA-approved range of GI consumables.

Range: Bougie dilators, hot and cold biopsy forceps, grasping forceps, single-use snares, sclerotherapy needles, single-use guide wires, retrieval nets, cleaning brushes, precision hemoclips and polyp traps.

Brands: Vitramed.

Disinfectants and Sterilisations

Description: Ready to use. Highly effective. Kills 99.99% of most harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses, including COVID-19.

Range: TGA-listed Ki-ose 350 (5L and 500ml) and Ki-ose 395+ Wipes. Novogel in a range of sizes (50ml up to 500ml), formulated to meet the infection control guidelines recommended by both the World Health Organisation and the US Centres for Disease Control. Includes aloe vera skin moisturisers.

Brands: Callington, Novogel.

PPE Products

Description: Suitable for professional and personal use, our range is worn by frontline hospital and healthcare staff across the country.

Range: Surgical masks (loop or tie designs, ASTM level 3, TGA approved), face shields, surgical sterile gowns and shoe covers and gloves (nitrile, latex-free and powder-free, all sizes including long-cuff versions).

Brands: Dememask.


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