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Medical furniture.

More than products, we provide innovative furniture solutions that make life and work easier in hospitals and aged care facilities across Australia.

Safety. Ergonomics. Performance.

We’ve partnered with HACare, a leading medical furniture manufacturer and innovator, to bring you a range of solutions designed to maximise comfort for patients and minimise workplace injury risks for carers.

With a global reputation for design and quality and local reps in 40 countries, HACare sets the benchmark in hospital and aged care furniture, with products that are light yet strong, aesthetically pleasing but ergonomic.

Check out the range of healthcare beds and accessories we have in stock in Australia and contact us for more information or a demo.

Better for carers. Better for patients.


Description: Safety, strength and performance was front of mind when choosing our range of medical and healthcare bed.

Range: Medical beds suitable for nursing homes, solid all-rounders, Bariatric beds (weight capacity of 270-320kg) and Front Exit, positions patients to a stand-up position significantly reducing the effort of the medical staff.

Brands: HACare.


Description: Aesthetically pleasing and practical range of accessories to compliment our medical bed range.

Range: Bedside Cabinets and Overbed Tables.

Brands: HACare.


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