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Why Avacare Health Australia Director Raj Singh would love to play golf with the former treasurer

Avacare Health Australia director Raj Singh took up the game two years ago and has forged many new client relationships since.

Raj Singh is director at medical supply company Avacare Health Australia. He lives in Perth.

How did you start playing golf?

I am an enthusiastic amateur, having started only two years ago during COVID-19. A former colleague, Dean Samson, introduced me to the game and it has been life changing. If not for the pandemic, I may not have become a golfer. Being able to play outside also helped me cope with the COVID-related business ups and downs.

Golf course membership?

Mount Lawley Golf Club. It’s walking distance from home. The facilities and clubhouse are very nice, and I enjoy being among the native trees and birds there.


Let’s not talk about it!

Golf rule most often broken?

Repairing ball marks [on the green].

Best thing about golf?

A few hours on the course, surrounded by greenery, always clears my head. Often when I’m solving problems, a round of golf helps me think more carefully. My decision-making and creativity improves. Since that first game, I’ve tried to play every Friday morning. I also like to join business associates for a round of golf. You can learn a lot about a person over a few hours on the green. I’m more likely to close a deal if there is an opportunity to spend three or four hours on a golf course. That time enables me to understand their company and their own plans and personality better.

I was born in the Punjab, India, in a village called Kotla Chahal, then moved to New Zealand for about 17 years, before landing in Perth in 2014. My networks here are growing both in number and strength, and golf is helping me build important new client relationships, one game at a time. I also feel grateful to have the opportunity to play on Perth’s excellent courses. Such facilities in India are only available to the super rich – they are way out of reach for the average person like me.

Favourite course and favourite hole?

Mount Lawley Golf Club, where I have made good friends – my bar bill is definitely much higher than the annual membership.

Most inspiring golfer?

[Australian professional golfer] Jason Day.

If you could play anywhere, where would it be?

A dream is to travel to Sweden and play with some close friends, as I know there are some beautiful golf courses there, such as Bro Hof Slott in Upplands-Bro, and Falsterbo Golfklubb, one of the oldest clubs in the country.

Memorable moments?

I have played laughably badly many times, but I don’t take myself too seriously. And people are very encouraging – many give you tips. It’s good to play with members who know the game inside out. Originally, my game was so green that Mount Lawley wouldn’t let me join if I didn’t participate in some golf coaching – it was well worth it!


Don’t be discouraged: if I can play, anyone can.

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